Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whoah... an update!

I got to admit that I have been lazy to blog lately. Why I am lazy? Here's why

  1. Microsoft exams. Managing Networks using windows 2003. I thought it was not too bad when i was working with the prac questions. What got me was the simulation. I think i bomb that one out. Ah well whats done is done. I'm now studying for my next exam.

  2. Helped my aunt to move during easter. I think I lost a kilo or 2.

  3. Catching up with the bloggers. I'm not much of a blogger at all. I write when i feel like it and I don't really feel like it lately. Anyway i met pretty cool bunch of ppl. Nadia, Marcus, Bruce, Robin, Kian and Cik Foo. Yes yes, i'll post up the pics

  4. Went clubbing

  5. Went to Nickelback concert. Awesome! They sound so much better live than on MP3... err.. i mean CD. Chad Kruger is full of energy and the drummer was awesome. I couldn't even see where his hand hit when he played the drums! Oh and the 2 guitarist just brilliant!

  6. Watched 'Walk the line'. Pretty good show but it was anzac day. There was nothing open.

  7. Met up with more Penang people. Never knew there were so many of them here! One of them is a druggie, another one is a statistician, and another engineer.

Well that's what happen to myself for the past few weeks if you were wondering.. :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

.. :)

So I'm a MCAD... :)

Friday, March 10, 2006


Internet 'threat to pay-TV'

Well no shit Mr CEO. Haven't you heard the latest crazy thought? You know the one about CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT?? Here's a sample of Telstra Big Pond movie rentals. 3.95 AUD for Black Hawk Down?? 5.95 for BeWithched????? You got to be joking. I could pick up an ex rental for 8 dollars from Blockbuster and get way better quality and sound. Oh and its instantaneous. Video Ez is renting 2 dollars per movie, who wants to pay double for shitty quality downloads? And they are blaming it on piracy.. Sheesh.

Even on Pay-TV we have to wait for months before the latest series to be aired here. Hell with internet I can watch it immediately after the show ends in the US/UK and etc. Foxtel is having it too good. We can access the shows immediately through the internet and these guys are whining like some pom on a 30 degree day. Foxtel is having a huge monopoly on Australian TV. It takes only a small company to set up a pay as you watch server in US (legally of course) and Pay-TV would be squirming like a girl. I would gladly pay 2 dollars per episode just to be able to watch it when i want it.

I am annoyed with these big company. GM fell because Toyota made cars cheaper, reliable and easily accesible. IBM fell because Compaq made cheaper and better computer for 1/2 the price. And the French Kings and Queen fell because they were arrogant and out of touch with the comman people.

So dear communications and entertainment companies.. hear the people and your head will be spared.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

You know you have a bad impression of a country when.....

Malaysia is going to implement 2 JPJ (Transportation department) tester during driving test. First thing came into my mind was, examination "fees" (read: bribe) is going to be increased by 50%..

Driving test may have two examiners

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Yes yes I'm still alive. I have alot on my plates now. There are quite a few photos that i should be processing and shared with you guys. Now i need to find time to squeeze it in..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hopman Cup 2nd January 2006

Friday, December 30, 2005

!@#$%^#.. Superanuation @)#$*%#!$...

Today's rant is brought to you by Superanuation.

What is superanuation, it is basically a blood sucking organization forced on to us by the Government to make sure that we have enough money to survive our old age. Other wise known as EPF in Malaysia, CPF in Singapore or Social Security in the US. Why do i need to pay 10% of my salary every month to this fucking superannuation company that takes fees left right and center? Here's an example, i'm paying in in 300 dollars a month into my super. Out of the 300, 15% goes to the Contribution Tax... and 2.25 dolalrs for administration fees. so that translate to 32.25 dollars PER MONTH subtracted from my contribution. or 387 dollars per year taken out for nothing. Fucking government.

I have no idea.. either i get taxed 33% on my income or getting taxed 15% + 1% administrative tax + other investment fees. *sigh*. In addition I'm putting in an additional 100 dollars every month to get my Super Co-Contribution. Basically what happens here is that for every dollar that I put into my super, the government will match it dollar per dollar into my super. Not bad in my opinion. I guess its the lesser of two evils. 33% tax or 15% tax. I never realize that the saying holds true.. "There are nothing more certian then Death and Taxes".

So dear government... please take your hands off my fucking retirement fund. you have taken 33% out of my income already!