Wednesday, July 20, 2005

10 year old girl becomes the youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)

*sigh* got beaten by a 10 year old kid.. :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I haven't been feeling the best for the past few days. I think the bloody flu virus has invaded my body. To bad i had lots of water and an OD of Vit C. I think my immune system acctually nuked the bloody buggers. But it was a touch and go this morning. Having slight sore throath and body feeling achy. Oh well its all good.

So whats new with me. I still have my new car unscratched :D. Its nearly a month since i got my baby. Time flies.. Also my first payment is coming up. I'm going to be broke for a year. Living on a shoe string budget until mid next year. Here's what i found on repaying loans. Do not take loans if possible. :P Anyway, pay as much as possible in your first year. You'll save quite a bit if say paying 50% of the loan in the first year and 25% on the second year and another 25% for the final year.

Okay, enough about the boring stuff. So how does she ride. Silky smooth. She knows when to purr and when to roar. ;) There's some squeek in the rear suspension though. Need to talk to the mech about in 2 months time. 6 stack cd, 130Watt stock sound system, cruise control, hot chick next to me. Whats missing is a sun roof but ah i don't want bird shit dropping on top of my head anyway. :P

On other sad news, I failed my MCP.. :( I got 662/1000.. I required 700/1000 to pass the bloody paper. It was on Web Application. I think i know where i fucked up and I am kicking myself in the ass for it. *Sigh*. My next test would be in September. wish me luck. and cross your fingers for me!

Finally, Gin Blossoms and OAG rocks!! ;)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It is 3 fucking degrees at 11:30 pm... someone got to wake me up tomorrow morning.... *Shivers*

Another one before i go to sleep...

Foo fighters rocks! It is a good morning song when you just wake up. Nothing feels good like someone screams at you in the morning. Ah.. feels like back home.. :) Here's the link

Rock on!! \m/ D: \m/

Just a quick short one... Tired from work... brain dead.... No matter how good design of the application is, you'll still have to spend hours poking and hammering it so that i can do what you want it to do. Its like trying to fit a huge box into a small cylinder. Anyway I manage to make it what i want it to do.. so happy..

Now for my exams in a week time.. *sigh*

Saturday, July 02, 2005

With today's fetish of having a 2 dollar peep show into other people's interesting, sometimes fictional, and larger than life character on the web, I decided to join in to become one of the stripper... errr.. i mean blogger. From today onwards I shall declare 2nd of July nUtZ` bloggin day.

Anyway let me get on with the actual *cough*content*cough* of today's blog. Here's what I have discovered (some a long time ago):

1) When you are 24, you consider yourself to be in the early 20's.... However when the clock strikes 12 (or when ever you were born) on your 25th birthday, you suddenly realize that you are no more early 20's and you are getting closer to 30's.. shit.. the big THREE-ZERO. Shit... Frank Sinatra suddenly make sense.

When you talk to the young ones (yes anyone who are below 22), about madona's pointy bra in the 80's they would stare you like you are the "thing" from War of the Worlds.. They would try to run away with the deep fear of grabbing them by the arm, forcing them to listen about "WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE.... "

Okay.. now that's a lil bit too dramatic.. but trust me.. no one remembers madona's pointy bra (unless you are above 25).

2) My music taste suddenly changed from bubble gum pop to songs with more substance. I'd rather listen to Rod Stewart, William Soo or Katie Melua rather then the bitching and whiney teenager songs. Well I do revert back to Metellica and Nirvana once in a while to feel young again.

Oh and I do feel F4 are pretty gay and their song sucks.. :P

3) Lindsy Lohan suddenly look slutty rather than sexy and Catherine Zeta Jones/Nicole Kidman actually looks hot and I would like to hump... err.r. i mean marry her. With an exception, Maria Sharapova... *drool* the hot 18 year old tennis star..

4) When I look at porn (yes its true.. any guy who says he doesn't masturbate 3 times a day while thinking of britney spears, they are lying!), you'd realize that 18/21 year old girls (depending on where you are ;) ) doesn't turn you on anymore. What’s even worse is that you feel like a dirty lil pedo who preys on school girls. Suddenly porn doesn't appeal anymore when you are watching it alone.. *sigh*

5) I bought a car.... Holden Astra :)