Wednesday, August 31, 2005

wow... oil price just touched 71 dollars.... time to buy a bicycle...

Happy birthday Malaysia.

Sadly its the 48th year of Independence in Malaysia and I don't know what to celebrate. Should I celebrate being a 2nd class citizen in my home country? Should I celebrate being rob and living in fear? Or should I celebrate the money that the government squander away in useless projects like Proton, Pewaja, and Mas?

What is there to celebrate?

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sometimes i wonoder why am I doing this... To get rich? Famous? neither one of them.. hell sometimes i just need to have some incoherent vent on life..

Anyway. My weekend was good.. Work is even better.. Got an awesome apprasial from my bosses. HOpefully it will translate into better $$$$ :D. Our company are getting a few more clients and this would translate into more work.. so my job is secured for the next 2 to 3 years. :) Man I'm going to work my ass off. I've never felt so motivated about work since errrmm.. the hot chicks that I've met in my maths tution class. That's one of the main reason i stayed back till 6pm in my maths class and aced maths in my exams. They are sizzling hot! To whom ever you are, I am in debt. :) Well I've grown out of that stage. I'm aming for personal fulfilment. No more hot gals to motivate me anymore. I'm pleasing myself first before anyone else. Here are my priority.

1) Me
2) Myself
3) My family
4) My friends
5) Everyone else.

Call me a jerk but i refuse to be a doormat anymore.

Anyway I'm waking up 5 am tomorrow morning to go to kings park and snap some pretty pictures of Perth. Should be a beutiful day tmorrow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm so fucked.. its 4 am and i'm still awake.. :(

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Okay before I go to bed, one more thing to rant. Oil prices. Oil tops $67
and guess who are the major consumers. Oh our fav countries.. USA and Europe... dumb fucks. No... not China. nooo not india.. or any other countries... its the the two most "industrialized" country. USA and Europe. They have a cheek to say that the oil price is due to high demand from China. 6% of the world population are using 40% of the world oil supply. Its all a lie. Ever wonder why China needs so much Oil? Well because the need to fucking manufacture all the britney spears cds and tickle me elmo to the US of A and Europe. I have nothing against tickle me elmo... but please.. trash britney spears cd and all the gucci plastic bags... Over price piece of shit...

Its all an excuse by some gung ho oil trader and ole chaney and bush and gonzales's grand plan to get some kick backs from the Oil Companies. Here's the proof House approves $14.5B energy bill seriously.. Bush and co.. get your head out of the fucking SUV's wind pipe and smell the carbon monoxide. the oil companies are having a windfall from the rising cost of oil and you are giving a fucking tax cut? Now that make sense... Oh hey this is an idea... STOP STUFFING THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER'S MONEY IN YOUR FUCKING POCKETS AND HANDBAGS BUSH!

Its sad to say that China/Terrorist is being a scape goat in all these rising cost of Oil.

*sigh* only I could vote in the US...

okay bed time

Seriously, whatsup with blogs and food? Its torture. Its done to torment all the poor souls who can't get the food shown. The only time I would surf the blogs is just before i sleep or when i'm preparing baked crabs for dinner. Its torture. I'm hungry and I want food and I want it now! *sigh* I need a girlfriend. :( Yes I'm not naming names.. I don't back stab people who i don't know (and know).


whoops... i mean err... yeah...

i need some sleep.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Okay here are the list of things that i am going to do before the year end

1) Create my own homepage <--- yes i have been thinking about it for almost 3 years.. :P
2) Get a bicycle
3) Sleep more
4) Get in shape.
5) Travel
6) Find my fashion sense.. :P
7) Start renovating my appartment.
8) Eat healty diet.
9) Start sending out birthday cards and christmas pressies.
10) Get intouch with my friends more.

So far i haven't met any one of them yet.. lets see what happens. ;)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Well things hasn't really been going good for me.. More of personal problems. Feeling upset about things that are going on with my life more then anything. Just want to keep my legions of fans out there telling them that I'm okay. Just have things to sort out. Personally, I don't feel like spilling it out here.

Anyway, here are somethings to consider when you want to hire a team of programmers to develop your custom made software.

2) ^^^^ read no 1

nUtZ` out.