Friday, September 30, 2005

So whats up with me lately? Well Lots..

For the past month my mom was here.. it was all good but it can be tiring. Not that I don't love her or anything but its just tiring. You know there are more places to go and things to do. Sometimes you just want to come home from work.. kick back and watch some idiot box or hanging out with friends. I kinda feel bad leaving her at home alone. Later my friends are coming over from Penang. Yay! but tiring.. but Yay! more people to bug.

What else. I've passed my Microsoft cert. Whoo hoo! Now i'm an MCP, Male chauvinistic pig.. err.. i mean Microsoft Certified Professional. got 829/1000 this time! :D Yeah nothing to brag about but hey feels good that now I'm at the same level as the 10 year old kid. :)

I have also learn that lots of girls only want to hear sugar coated truth.. and never the whole truth. They do talk around with thier friends and listen to them too. When they get jealous its also for a good thing. Ah.. and all men are bastards. Oh well.. always the ying and yang..

Finally, I discovered I have an emotional age of 17... Time to grow up. No more high school love. I haven't been in a serious relationship for almost 5 years.. lots of catching up to do. :) Its all cool.