Monday, October 24, 2005

Lense Lense and more Lense

I'm getting my lense and flash tomorrow. A picture ( or pictures ) worth more then a thousand dollars.. *sigh* so broke!

Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 EX
EF 500 DG

Sunday, October 23, 2005

World Press Photo

Looking thorugh the photos makes me depressed.. :( 50 years of violence.. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Here's an interesting topic for the day. I'd get chewed on by her supporter but I definately hate self centered opinions..

My brother went to the toilet, and he said that he was behind walking behind this man who also wanted to use the loo.

The man stopped at the handicapped toilet instead of the normal male toilet, because well...

1) it is nearer afterall
2) maybe he shares my love for handicapped toilets because they are so freaking spacious and usually has your own mirror and wash basin! Coolness!

He was really damn fucking suay coz he pulled open the toilet door, and, believe it or not, there was really a handicapped person inside.

A male handicapped person, who was using the toilet.

I don't know what the fuck is this person's problem, but he shouted at the innocent man who opened his door:

"You come inside here for what, you are not even handicapped!" and etc scoldings.

Woah, woah! HOLD ON DUDE. You mean only handicapped people can use handicapped toilets?

Didi was smiling away and telling his story as if it is very funny (which it is lar, if your point is to laugh at that suay man), but I was really quite pissed off because this is the second time I heard a story about handicapped people scolding others for using their toilets.

Another one was my friend who was using a cineleisure handicapped toilet... When he walked out, he was severely lectured by a man who was wheel-chair bound, the latter chiding him for making him (latter) wait.

I don't know if it is the same grumpy, crazy person who did these two scoldings, but if it is not, then it seems a little too much of a coincidence.

When I expressed that this siao-eh (as an individual) was ridiculously unreasonable, my brother said, "No, the man shouldn't have used the handicapped toilet what, it says on the door that it is for the handicapped."

How come people have this notion that only the disabled can use facilities for the disabled?

*Roll eyes*

So tell me ... our government spent millions of taxpayers' money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?

Oh, excuse me for going down the slope instead of the stairs, will you? I shouldn't have. MRT lifts - don't use it, cannot use it. Use the escalator instead.

WTF is this?

Sure, if I SEE that you are physically disabled, and you need to use the handicapped toilet, then yes, obviously I will let you use it and go use a normal toilet.

But the man my brother saw didn't even know there was a person inside! And if you didn't lock your own bloody door, it's your problem and stop scolding others for your freaking mistake!

As far as I am concerned, you have a physical disability - and that is where you have a disadvantage. Your bladder is working fine isn't it? So you wait, just like normal people do, when there is a queue for the toilet. The rest of us queue up to use a toilet - I don't see why the disabled should be any different.

Don't even go near the issue of handicapped parking lots. That is different, because waiting for a parking lot is not a matter of 2 minutes.

Pissed with unreasonable people. What pisses me off more is when the society at large condones bad behavior when it comes from supposedly piteous people. So what, handicapped have the rights to be unreasonable meh? If I ever break my leg (choy!) I think I shall use my crutch to anyhow whack anyone who comes near my MRT lift.

When some person says I am being violent, I cry and say he is bullying a cripple, then everyone will automatically be on my side.


Here's my reply

1) Being lazy is not an excuse to use the disabled toilets. Sure if the toilet is full and you really have to go and it is only a whizz by all means go a head. I have never been disabled in my life before, but seriously, haven't they gone through enough to have thier own toilet? beisdes it is 1 toilet out of what? 5 cubical?

2) There are reasons why the disabled toilets are spacious and have thier own basin.. DUH!

3) Having the ability to move oneself from the wheel chair or crutches to the toilet bowl is more then a challenge itself let alone remembering to lock the cubical.. Excuse me miss "I-Remember-Everything"

4) So the disabled and the elderly has some preference in society.. well at least we can WALK/HEAR/SEE! Not all disabled can do that..

This is what pisses me off the most.

So tell me ... our government spent millions of taxpayers' money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?

Wow.. from her logic.. the government should just euthanize all the disabled cause they use up x million of dollars. Well its okay for the government spend billions of dollars to make me comfy but it is not okay for the government to go the extra mile to show that they care about the unfortunate?

This girl need to spend time with the disabled and the unfortunate to see what they are going through.

I think this is the reason gyms are getting popular. Lots of gym goers have no problem doing cardio and etc for 45 min but they will bitch and moan when they are required to take the stairs...

Have you ever accidentally stare at a women's breast trying to read whats on her t-shirt? Well I have. All the time. It annoys the hell out of me. Seriously. I'm not looking at her breast. I just want to read. If I want to look at her breast I would rather have it bare. *sigh* that's life.. Girls if you don't want me to stare at your breast area, please wear some plain t-shirt.. not something with riddle or wordings on it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh and I have my exams on the 31st Oct. This time its about SQL 2000 Server. If I pass this all i need is another paper to get my MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer)... 2 more papers to MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). And another 2 more papers to become MCDA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator). And if i do a few more I would become a Microsoft Certified Slut..

I'd prbably be taking my masters too in 2 years time..

Hmmm.. Rodney Loo BEng (IT), MEng (IT), MCSD, MCDA...

Ah alphabet soup.. :)

I haven't been posting lately. I guess I'm a man of few words. What should i write? What is there to write about? Is my life that interesting at all? Hmm.. probably i should make this blog about nothing.. Like Seinfeld.

So how am I? I'm good. Been better but generally good. Work is getting stale. I guess I can't complain cause there's work. Now we are waiting for a major project to get the go ahead before things get more interesting. As for now, bug fixes, enhancements and a few support all round. Kinda makes me fall a sleep. Thank god for coffee..

Anyway I'm deciding against getting a bicycle.. I'm trying to wake up at 7am before i start investing in something that i might not even use everyday. I'm planning to get my all efficient 1 pack abs to at least a visible 4 pack. I'm kinda over weight now. About 5kg over weight. So far.. i guess its working.. having walks to the park near by and have a walk around it.. I'll start jogging soon depending on my level of fitness (which is pretty bad btw). So if i can't do this every morning i don't think there's hope for me to cycle to work at all.

So why not the gym? Meh. Gym.. spending 700 dollars per year on work out that you can get for free by walking around the park.. and you'll get fresher air too. The only reason i would want to join Gym would be their swimming pool.. Now I'm paying 3 dollars per entry.. if i do it 3 times a week for a month i'd be paying about 45 dollars.. rather pay another 15 dollars and join the gym. Nah i'll stick to walks and having a swim twice a week.. or i could have a run by the beach and swim by the sea in the morning.. hmm.. Interesting thought...

Finally, I'm thinking of getting this lens. Nothing too fancy, its cheap and good enough for me to learn the intricacies of the SLR camera. Canon 28-105mm F3.5 - 4.5 II USM about 300 dollars. Not to bad for that price. I mean its better then the one i have on my camera. The reason I'm getting it is because i've been making a good use of my camera lately. I have taken about 3000 shots... about 1500 from my sis wedding and another 1500 from time to time. Not quite there yet. Still learning but hopefully I'll get better at it.

I might make a trip to NZ for 2 weeks and drive around the south Island. Lets see what happens. Its either NZ or a trip back home and going to one of the island resorts and just hang out with my friends. I need a holiday after the shit has been runing around me lately.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thought of sharing this with you guys. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm now looking at camera's. The shutter bug has hit me. And it is a very expensive bite. Currently I've got a Canon 300D with 18mm to 55mm f3.5-5.6 lense and 50mm f 1.8 prime lense. They serve me well for what I am doing.. (i.e. snap pictures of chicks close up) However lately I want something better. I have an itch to spend.. :P

Here's my dream camera set up (Canon only):

Canon EOS 5D
50mm f1.4
24mm f1.4 USM
28-70mm f2.8L USM
70 - 200mm f2.8 IS USM

All these would cost me oh roughly 15,000 au dollars. *sigh* picky picky picky..

Btw, my birthday is coming up.

Monday, October 10, 2005

It is tiring when a stream of visitors decided to drop everything, fly over to Perth and say hie to me. Look I do not mean to be an ungrateful bastard but seriously its just exhausting to entertain everyone.. Through out my uni life I had only 2 of my friends flying over to Perth visited me. For the past 2 months I had 2 groups of friends visiting me.. and on top of that there was my mom. So here's/was the booking for my bachelor pad...

August. Friend..
September.. Mom
October.. Friends..
Nov.. God sis..
Dec.. friend bunking in my place

Jan/Feb.. Parents (CNY)
March... Friend..

I have about 3 weeks to myself before my god sis comes over for 3 weeks. Which is good that there’s the buffer in between. I was starting to be cranky by October. Probably cause I was kinda emotionally drained out, physically too pampered and mentally psychoed by my mom. It is tiring to readjust my habit to make my friends holiday memorable. Again.. I don't mind doing it.. but it is damn hard to keep this up continuously. It is a major disruption in my life. I to worry if they have things to do, if they are bored.. if they have enough to eat. If they are comfy. Worst of all I had my exams in between.

Here are a few facts about playing tour guide in Perth... I've been to airport at least 2 times a month for past 2 month. I have been down south 5 times. I've been to caversham wild life park 3 times. I have been to freo more often for the past few months then the whole of 2004 put together. But supprisingly I haven't been to the Zoo.

I feel bad having to say all these. I know they are making their time to visit me and have a lil holiday. I understand that they have plan this over a long period of time. I understand that they want to have fun too.

Look I love you guys. I love the fact that you guys are making time to visit me. However the timing sucks... seriously ppl. Are you guys conspiring against me to make me crazy? :P

I need a serious holiday soon..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It is so hard to ignore (read: hate/despise) someone who you use care a lot... *sigh*

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hi all,

Thought of sharing this with the world what i learn from the past few days. I have made a mistake not distinguishing between friends and dating. Personally I have been very direct to all my friends.. both females and males. It has always been... "Oi fuck you la.. piss off" . They would tell me how they feel directly and vice versa.

Now here's the mistake I did, I treated someone I liked with a friends mentality. Its not a good idea to say "Oi fuck you la!.. piss off" or any form or type when you are angry or frustrated. There's always a different meaning to everything and nearly everything has another meaning to it. Sometimes they want assurance and to be honest.. Being honest is not the best things ever in this case. Telling a plain truth will only get you in to the friends stage.. Now if you sugar coat it with "You are special", "I will not do this and that", "You look great the way you are", "that new dress looks lovely" and a hint of "I am secure enough to dump you anytime", would get you further. To quote Hitch, "You is a fuild concept right now". I have exposed too much of my self too fast.

When it comes to feelings, it is so much more involved. There's the future.. the security.. the hurt.. the pain and the joys involved. That's where confidence and assurance comes in. Everyone wants to be secure. Everyone wants to be understood, everyone wants to be loved.

And I have alot of growing up to do.