Thursday, November 24, 2005

So drnka..

Birthdays... to be honest I have no idea whats the fuss all about. Another bunch of present giving seaosn. I would rather spend my time with my close friends and celebrate with a dinner and probably some wine. I've never like getting drunk and puke all over. Just not my style.

Anyway 25 years.. wow.. things that i've regretted.. things that I have done.. things that I should have done and things that I am going to do. For one I sure definately need some sleep. Things that I have regretted. Well I've regretted being so reserve and I should have been more out going. I've regretted treating a few ppl horriblely. A few other things would be not asking Christina out for a date.. :P Had a crush on her since forever. Hot chick :)

Things I have done. Swimming was definately one of the best time ever. I was never particularly good at it but oh well. Having my sister is the best thing that ever happen to me. I love her to death ( not that way you sicko). I would do anything for her. Then theres Yvonne. I treat her as my lil sis. She's awesome friend. lover her to bits too. There's my friends from highschool, notebly kenneth, allen, wei hong siew kim and hean eng. I would love to spend my birthday with them but they are 5000 km away from me.

Things I should have done. Lots.. Mainly letting someone go with out even trying. And definately asking Christina out. :) Just a date. Hmm.. probably i should put it on my list.. I need to get back to penang to do a few of these things.

THings I am going to do. I'm doing spanish next year. My parents are so going to kill me.. I don't understand manderin and I'm learning some european language. I am going to get my MCSD and improve on my social skill. Oh and cleaning up my house.. definately. :) And hopefully I'll be able to afford my own house by next eyar or 2 years time. Its all good.

Oh and i should sleep now. :P


At 12:10 am, Anonymous yr-email-chat-buddy said...

Hey buddy, happy birthday to you! :)

At 6:00 pm, Blogger nUtZ` said...

lol.. thanks karen.. (i hope)


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