Thursday, December 22, 2005

never ever subtract ingredients

Today I was craving for char koay teow, I have some koay teow left, a few prawns, lub cheong, and an egg. However I didn't know that I'm out of garlic, pork lard, and muah ewe (sesame seed oil). I was lazy dashing down to the store to get these stuff (yes there are shops open after 6 in Perth).

Anyway i heated up the hot plat and put a deep pan on top of it. Took a while but its okay. I can wait.. I don't mind waiting for the veggy oil to heat up. Anyway i threw in the prawns and stir fry it till it turn whitish pink. Nothing smells better then freshly cooked prawns. A lil bit of salt and a lil bit of hope.. Then I pop in some fish balls. Simmer the fish ball and then dump in the koay teow. My tummy was full of desire.. Pour in a Rodney's Secret Char Koay Teow Sauce (tm) and stir it for a few min to seperate out the koay teow. Finally I've pop in the Lub Cheong and an egg. Let it sit for a while and my mouth was watering. Yay! It's done!

My expectation however was trashed badly with the soggy-ness of the noodle, and i felt something is missing.. It is incomplete. Yes looks like char kaoy teow but it doesn't have a soul. There's no garlic. There's no fatty pork lard.. It is just koay teow with my secret sauce. I was disappointed.

So what's the moral of the story, well.. moral of the story.. oooo.. lana lane.. err.. I mean.. eat outside.. its just easier.. At least you get to blame the other chef for sucky cooking. besides it makes a good bitch session with friends. :)


At 1:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing beats penang char koay teow man..-cherry

At 10:19 am, Blogger nUtZ` said...

hey.. :) haven't seen you for ages... you got to stop working so hard! I'm feeling neglected here.. *sniff*

anyway merry christmas.. :) and a happy new year!


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