Friday, March 10, 2006


Internet 'threat to pay-TV'

Well no shit Mr CEO. Haven't you heard the latest crazy thought? You know the one about CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT?? Here's a sample of Telstra Big Pond movie rentals. 3.95 AUD for Black Hawk Down?? 5.95 for BeWithched????? You got to be joking. I could pick up an ex rental for 8 dollars from Blockbuster and get way better quality and sound. Oh and its instantaneous. Video Ez is renting 2 dollars per movie, who wants to pay double for shitty quality downloads? And they are blaming it on piracy.. Sheesh.

Even on Pay-TV we have to wait for months before the latest series to be aired here. Hell with internet I can watch it immediately after the show ends in the US/UK and etc. Foxtel is having it too good. We can access the shows immediately through the internet and these guys are whining like some pom on a 30 degree day. Foxtel is having a huge monopoly on Australian TV. It takes only a small company to set up a pay as you watch server in US (legally of course) and Pay-TV would be squirming like a girl. I would gladly pay 2 dollars per episode just to be able to watch it when i want it.

I am annoyed with these big company. GM fell because Toyota made cars cheaper, reliable and easily accesible. IBM fell because Compaq made cheaper and better computer for 1/2 the price. And the French Kings and Queen fell because they were arrogant and out of touch with the comman people.

So dear communications and entertainment companies.. hear the people and your head will be spared.


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