Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whoah... an update!

I got to admit that I have been lazy to blog lately. Why I am lazy? Here's why

  1. Microsoft exams. Managing Networks using windows 2003. I thought it was not too bad when i was working with the prac questions. What got me was the simulation. I think i bomb that one out. Ah well whats done is done. I'm now studying for my next exam.

  2. Helped my aunt to move during easter. I think I lost a kilo or 2.

  3. Catching up with the bloggers. I'm not much of a blogger at all. I write when i feel like it and I don't really feel like it lately. Anyway i met pretty cool bunch of ppl. Nadia, Marcus, Bruce, Robin, Kian and Cik Foo. Yes yes, i'll post up the pics

  4. Went clubbing

  5. Went to Nickelback concert. Awesome! They sound so much better live than on MP3... err.. i mean CD. Chad Kruger is full of energy and the drummer was awesome. I couldn't even see where his hand hit when he played the drums! Oh and the 2 guitarist just brilliant!

  6. Watched 'Walk the line'. Pretty good show but it was anzac day. There was nothing open.

  7. Met up with more Penang people. Never knew there were so many of them here! One of them is a druggie, another one is a statistician, and another engineer.

Well that's what happen to myself for the past few weeks if you were wondering.. :)


At 12:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and...chatted with ur beloved wife. ;)

At 2:25 am, Blogger Cynthia said...

finally! this is monthly update, innit?


At 2:40 pm, Blogger Kalamari said...

Holy Shitte! Rodney Loo from Penang? Is that you? I'm a former classmate from highschool if you're who I think you are. Was just surfing blogs and somehow found yours. Drop me a line or something, maybe we can catch up on old times.


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